Pay Per Click (PPC) Management


Search Engine Marketing is a model of internet marketing which can increase website traffic by paying for search listings.
  • Search Engine Marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves the promotion of a website in order to increase visibility.
  • It allows Advertisers to essentially bid for ad placement using relevant keywords.

Let us take control of your SEM Campaign. There is a lot of factors to take into account. from researching and selecting the right keywords, to organizing those keywords into well-organised campaigns and ad groups.

Keyword Research
Researching and selecting the right keywords is one of the most important parts to running a successful PPC Campaign. Using the latest tools we can ensure that we receive positive results again and again
PPC Remarketing
have you ever thought about a holiday then taken a look on a website? Then after you leave the website you see ads for holidays everywhere? This is an example of a re marketing campaign. Using browser cookies and remarketing code. if someone visits your site, once they leave we can show them a highly targeted ad to draw them back, because we already know they are interested in your services/product
Social Media Advertising
We can run campaigns on social media websites like Facebook to pull in a relevant target market or to just increase brand awareness.
Display Advertising
Brand exposure and awareness campaigns are brilliant uses for display marketing. we can pick targeted website to get your brand out there.